A Simple Guide to Understanding Google Local Services Ads

Competition in different industry sectors pushes businesses to turn to new and effective ways of advertising their products and services. Right now, various promotional tools are available for the convenience of both established and growing firms. Aside from using SEO, adding specific terms, and utilising location keywords, there’s another option to boost your company’s digital presence—ultimately leading to your business finding the right clients. And that’s Google Local Services Ads.




In 2015, Google Local Services Ads was launched in Canada and US. Although relatively new, the tool has become a valuable system for many flourishing businesses. Last September 2020, the service was available for small and large local companies in the UK.

Google Local Services Ads appear at the topmost corner of the search results page. It sits above the traditional Google Ads and organic search results. Unlike the other two services, Google Local Services Ads centres on finding local services and products based on clients’ specific searches. It also adopts a pay-per-lead process. Additionally, it allows users to scroll through different options while staying on the main page.

For instance, if the user is looking for a plumber or electrician near her location, Google Local Services Ads finds various local businesses that cater to her needs. The list and results depend on the criteria and factors set by Google.

So, what can the customer see when they are on the page? Here is the list of details clients will see on the page:

  • Business Name
  • Opening Hours and Location (Address)
  • Ratings from Previous Clients
  • Google’s Guarantee badge


Businesses need to pass Google’s screening process before receiving the Google Guarantee or Google Screened badge. The verification procedure involves background, insurance, and licence checks. Companies will also need to provide documents that prove their years in the industry.

Having the badge shows your company’s reliability and trustworthiness. In other words, Google has recognized your business as an authentic and legitimate entity capable of serving clients. It’s a boost that brings greater chances and changes for your company.




When a potential client looks for a service or product, they usually type specific keywords in the search bar. To make the task easier, clients add their location to find businesses near their vicinities. 

Google Local Services Ads utilises a system that filters the businesses and compiles different options for the client based on the keywords placed on the search bar. The customer can see the ratings, location, store hours, and business name. Since clients can send direct messages, companies can immediately respond and provide information about their services and products. So, if your company—with its Google Guarantee badge—matches the keyword, there is an advantage.

Moreover, the Google Local Services Ads makes tracking bookings, requests or enquiries, clicks, and insights easier. These things can be managed through Google’s online portal (available in Android and iOS)—an absolute convenience for many business owners.


Rather than purchasing space and using intensive keyword researches, the Google Local Services Ads rely on other indicators or factors that businesses have no control over. Google has complete discretion over the ranking methods. However, these firms can do different things to be distinct from competitors. Here are four key elements that help with businesses ranking opportunities:

  1. Adding specific locations and areas

    Being clear and precise with your business’ details, particularly the locations, helps boost its visibility. The accuracy of your addresses and locations can positively affect your profile. If users want specific services and your location is the nearest, your store’s chances of being chosen by the client are higher.

  2. Receiving reviews (positive feedback, stars)

    Ratings or review scores from previous clients play an essential role in convincing potential customers about the authenticity of your products and the reliability of your service. The higher the average score, the better. The feedback comes from finished jobs booked through your Google Business Profile profile and local services ads. Although you can’t control the client’s assessment, the work you’ve completed speaks for itself.

  3. Response rates

    The swiftness of your follow-up to clients’ calls and messages can affect the business’ overall response rating. Answering enquiries immediately will help boost your company’s reputation, too—showing your dependability as a service provider.

  4. Willingness to pay for leads

    Your business has to present a small and specific budget for this service for better chances of ranking. If you’re willing to pay for leads, then you should do it.



Google Local Service Ads provides various businesses with an effective and simple way of locating and connecting with customers within their respective areas. The indicators set by Google benefits not only the local business but also the users. Either way, both parties gain something from Google Local Services Ads.

So, here are four reasons why you need to acquire Google Local Services Ads for your growing business:

  1. Google Guarantee Badge

    Perhaps the most significant impact of utilising Google Local Services Ads is the Google Guarantee Badge. This small green check beside your business name serves as a verification that your company has undergone intense screening. It’s a certification from Google. And importantly, it’s a powerful endorsement. With that, potential patrons will place trust in your products and services.

  2. Higher Conversion Rates

    The conversion rates are higher since the process targets audiences in a specific area looking for particular services and/or products. People will learn where to look and who to contact during troubles—and that benefits your business. It’s advertising your company without the pressures of creating traditional promotional materials.

  3. Impressive and Simple Management Tool

    Instead of using many tools to manage your online business profile, you have one simple, impressive management tool with Google Local Services Ads. The platform is user-friendly and organized. Hence, navigating through it is easy. You also have an app for convenience.

  4. Direct Contact with Clients

    Now that clients can directly send messages or call your business, you save time and energy. The customers also find the service they need immediately. No one is waiting hours for a reply to an enquiry about work hours.

Relying on digital media for different things and activities have been the norm for quite some time. For businesses aiming for growth, investing in innovative and data-driven digital platforms is a big step. So, discover Google Local Services Ads and use the tool for your enterprise. 

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