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As a certified Google Trusted Partner, Localise ensures seamless integration with PMAX with Vehicle Feeds, attracting more customers to your website to drive sales.

What is Google Vehicle Ads?

Google’s Vehicle Ads, previously called Vehicle Listing Ads or VLA’s has been running in the US for nearly two years but launched in the UK in early 2024, it is still currently in closed BETA. 

This paid search ad format puts your dealership’s stock directly into Google search results and in front of the most qualified buyers.

For example, if a user searches ‘Audi Q5’s near me’, they’ll see several visual ads for Audi Q5’s at the top of the search results page, including ones from your inventory if they are nearby. 

The ads include pictures and other key info such as location, make, model, price and mileage. 

Once they select an ad, they will be directed to the live advert on your website to submit an enquiry.

Vehicle Ads also boldly take on classified sites such as AutoTrader and CarGurus, unleashing an effortless search for the ideal used car.

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Google Vehicle Ads

Take advantage of Google's all-new Vehicle Ads program

Why choose Google Vehicle Ads?

Visual ads for in market buyers

Increased inventory visibility

No manual updates required

Better performance - lower cost

Get early access & start driving sales

Vehicle Ads has now moved from Alpha to closed Beta in the UK, only an official Google Trusted Partner can currently utilise the new Ad format.  As one of a very few UK trusted partners, we can get you  access to the Vehicle Ads programme, ahead of the competition. We already have over 125 dealerships live including Franchise Dealer Groups, Single Franchises and Independent Dealers. 

We will take care of the whole set-up process , updates and ongoing management. 

This exciting new ad format has the potential to shake up the online car sales market.  Ensure you’re ahead of the game and appearing above competitors in search by utilising this ground-breaking ads program. 

Performance Max with Vehicle Feeds

The optimal solution from Google for purchasing ads across its diverse platforms is now represented by Performance Max campaigns.
These campaigns, which allow vehicle ads are an evolution of Smart Shopping campaigns, introduce novel features and insights, expanded inventory options, and leverage Google’s advanced AI capabilities.
Tailored to enhance your existing keyword-based Search campaigns, Performance Max aims to identify and attract more converting customers across various Google channels, including YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps—all within a single, streamlined campaign.
Moreover, Performance Max Vehicle Feeds brings forth additional metrics for enhanced control and insights into campaign performance. Introducing metrics such as cost per action (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS), this innovative approach offers advertisers a more comprehensive understanding of their campaign’s effectiveness. 
Raphael & Lane Vehicle Ads Experts

Meet the experts

Raphael Millin
Raph has been in the Automotive industry since 2004. He started off his career at Mazda, before moving across to Mercedes-Benz. In 2008 he switched from the showroom to agency side where he works with many AM100 dealer groups and OEMs. Raph is a leading expert in Google Business Profile for Car Dealerships & a certified Google Silver Product Expert.
Lane Fortinberry
Lane has spent almost 25 years in the dealership, automotive, and digital marketing industries. During his 7.5-year tenure at Google, Lane worked with major OEMs like Ford and on the Auto Retail Team which worked with large auto groups to innovate and helped bring Google Vehicle Ads to market in the US. Lane has been successfully running Google Vehicle Ads for almost two years for dealers across the US and now brings his wealth of experience to the UK market.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Vehicle Ads are like AutoTrader listings but right on the Google Search results page. These ads take your stock and place it in front of in-market car shoppers in your area and drive those customers directly to your website, rather than a 3rd party. And now that Vehicle Ads are a part of Google’s newest Performance Max ad format which uses Machine Learning to optimise your ad spend across all Google properties, we recommend you allocate the majority of your SEM budget to this format.

Standard Search Ads and Vehicle Ads are quite different. Vehicle Ads have some clear advantages in where they appear, how much they cost, and how often they show up. They show up right at the top of search results, cost less per click, and can display multiple vehicles at once. So, for a broader based car dealer advertising campaign, Vehicle Ads are the better choice, but we would strongly recommend a blend of both campaign types to achieve optimal results. 

Vehicle Ads work for new or used vehicles such as cars and pickup trucks that you have in stock. This excludes commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, farm vehicles, buses, 2-wheelers, trains or boats etc. All stock must contain real imagery of the vehicle. We can also segment campaigns for you if you prefer to run only new or only used car ads. You the dealer has full control here.

Case studies have proven that dealership websites convert customers into leads 4 x better than 3rd party classified sites. This varies from dealer to dealer, but 4x better ROI is industry average. We recommend a 3 month period to allow Google’s machine learning to learn the specific dynamics of your dealership and your market.

You will get traditional SEM-style reporting on campaign performance as well as a full conversion reporting each month so you know exactly what valubale emails, calls, live chats and website actions were driven by these ads.

From sign off it will be around 2-3 weeks. If anyone claims to be quicker than that , we want to know about it! The majority of that time is waiting for Google’s approval.

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With seasoned experts in the field, Localise guarantee a swift and smooth set up process so your dealership can quickly harness the potential of Google Vehicle Ads.

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By partnering with Google Vehicle Ad experts Localise, we’ll help you stay ahead of the game and outperform the competition in the dynamic online car sales market.

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Directing customers straight to their desired cars is a foolproof method to boost traffic and conversions on your dealership website. Track metrics like leads and store visits to gauge your return on investment.


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