Take your reporting to the next level

Quickly bring any metrics and dimensions from your favorite marketing platforms into Google Data Studio. 


Create insightful reports that'll impress your clients or boss.

Tell us what metrics your require from which marketing channels and Localise will do the rest. Localise automates the tedious, repetitive work of blending data from Google Business Profile, GA4, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hubspot and more, so you can spend more time delivering useful reports. 

The simple way to bring your marketing data into Google Data Studio

Have you ever dreamed of consolidating your different digital analytics and reporting tools into one simple report, or to automate the process of collecting and analysing your commercial reporting, if so then Google Data Studio is the answer.

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Bring in data

Bring in data from Google Business Profile, Facebook, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Instagram, and more

Collect data from the most popular sales and marketing platforms. Currently we offer connectors for over 25 of the leading platforms. 

Easily gather all your data and use any filters, segments, sorting and date ranges you want.

Stop logging into different platforms and manually crunching data. Accelerate your marketing data intelligence with Localise. 


Turn data into crucial insights.

Create bespoke reports with a Localise expert today.

Up-to-date and fast loading reporting

Localise automatically performs data collection so your Data Studio reports are up-to-date and fast loading. Users can also backfill unlimited historic data. 

Once we’ve built your report or dashboard, we can eliminate hours of manual work by scheduling data transfers and automating your marketing reporting.

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