New for March 2024 - Approved API partners for Apple Business Connect

Apple Business Connect Solutions

Take more control over how billions of users see and engage with your car dealership across Apple Maps and platforms

What is Apple business connect?

Released in Jan 2023 – Apple Business Connect replaces a simplified map profile program to enable businesses to control, optimize and promote their business information to its billion+ users worldwide. You can think of it as Apples own version of Google Business Profile.  

Your Apple maps listing is an extension of your physical dealership so it’s crucial to claim it and have it fully optimised. 

Features of Apple Business Connect include managing the physical appearance of your listings such as logos, header images, photos, business hours and more.  Businesses can even showcase products and offers using the showcases feature (think google posts).



Gain prominence and trust across Apple platforms

Outrank your competition and stay ahead of the game in Apple Maps and Platforms with our API Integration

100% accuracy, 100% of the time

Have you checked your dealerships apple map listing lately?

Apple sources your car dealership information from a whole host of third-party websites and even uses machine learning to gather information. These sources are often incorrect or inaccurate meaning that your dealerships apple maps listing is likely to be incomplete or misleading to users.

Is your dealership moving premises or updating its phone number? 

Don’t let your customers get lost. With our API integration, your details will be updated instantly rather than waiting for approval from Apple for days on end.

With Localise, your dealerships accurate information will be instantly published across apple maps and all other apple platforms such as messages, siri and calendar.


Apple Approved API Partner

The UK's first automotive specialist approved for Apple Integration

As the UK’s first automotive specialist to become an approved partner for Apple Business Connect API integration, you can rely on Localise to deliver the trustworthy information and real-time updates your customers are actively looking for. 

But what exactly is Apple API integration? 

In simple terms, Apple API integration is a system which allows Localise and Apple Business Connect to work together harmoniously, ensuring a smooth flow of information between both parties.

Stand out in Apple Maps

Apple dominates the mobile phone market and maps is the default navigation app across all Apple devices. Studies show that many users will not switch to an alternative navigation app. This means that having a fully optimised listing on Apple has never been more important. 

Our Apple API integration will ensure your car dealership has 100% profile completeness at all times.  API will sync more than just basic data such as opening hours and phone numbers. It will even sync payment methods, gallery photos, action links and more. 

Utilising our API integration will allow your business to stand out on Apple platforms with up-to-date header images, logos, opening hours and more.

Whether you have a single-location dealership or a multiple-location dealership, Localise can deliver trustworthy information to users and peace of mind to you.




With our Apple Business Connect solutions your dealership can...

Build trust

As an approved partner for Apple API integration, our services will deliver accurate and trustworthy information to your apple maps listings and placecards.


With Apple Maps becoming just as important as as Google Business Profiles, we’ll make sure your dealership stands out across all Apple platforms including maps, Siri, messages and more.

Outperform the competition

By partnering with Localise we’ll help you outrank local competitors and stay ahead of the game in Apple Maps and platforms.


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