Citations and Local SEO : A Comprehensive Guide

Citation building is a strenuous and challenging process; however, it helps improve the visibility of your local business and positively impacts the ranking on search engines. Citation building is a critical factor in local SEO and helps attract potential customers to the business within a targeted geographical area. You can also boost your business with the best UK citations from a renowned SEO company.



Citations, also known as local business data, are online references of the business, including the brand name, address, phone number, collectively called NAP. SEO refers to this as a group of individual business listings on different sites. These are unique markers solidifying the particular business identity, taking the form of an online business directory. NAP also demonstrates the physical presence of businesses within a geographical area for improved search engine visibility.

The more citations any business has, the better are the results.



There are various kinds of citation websites. Some must-have ones are as follows –

  • Google Business Profile
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Yelp
  • Bing Maps


  1. Improve Local Ranking

Any local business with several online mentions is likely to rank higher than those that receive less attention. NAP’s across multiple different locations establish reliability and trust that your business exists. The number of listings, its accuracy, quality of online directories affect how Google perceives your presence online. Hence, you should pick your citations wisely.

2. Visibility

The business gains positive exposure since building citations enable you to take ownership of all the information shared with search engines and the audience. Consequently, it brings more customers to your business forefront.

3. Trustworthiness

People buying from your brand want to trust it with the quality of products and services. People often look on the different social media platforms to gather information about businesses; hence you can build your identity from there. Successful companies understand the importance of authenticity, establishing themselves across relevant directories so that customers take the path to purchase from them.

4. Eliminate Customer Confusion

By putting all the information up front, you eliminate confusion amongst the customers. By using local business citations, your local listings are monitored carefully so that potential consumers can access them without hesitation.

Some critical steps are –

  • Removing old and outdated listings
  • Correcting NAP errors
  • Placing listings in directories used by customers to search products
  • Optimise the listings with relevant keywords, image, video, website links

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