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Do you run a solicitors or law firm in the UK, but face challenges with online visibility and rankings on google? Worry no more for the solution lies in Google Business Profile (GBP). However, you must first of all be aware of the fact that your rankings on Google is determined by several factors, such as Local Searches, Google Search, Google Maps and Mobile Search. Your law firm will definitely rank high on SERPs if your web pages are properly optimised for mobile as well as local searches, and with the right location settings. Remember that the world has become so digitised that almost every online user/consumer uses the search engine when looking for specific services, businesses or products. This means when you fail to make your law firm show on the top results, the competitors who appear at the top will have an edge over you and this will result in loss of business. Google Business Profile is indeed one of the most effective strategies to position your brand for more visibility, without breaking a bank.



  • It makes your law firm show up on the Google Maps Searches

One the major benefits of setting up Google Business Profile is the fact that it makes your law firm show up on the Google Maps Searches. It should be noted that after online reviews from users, the next thing that potential clients usually take into consideration while searching for a solicitor or a law firm is proximity. This therefore explains why most potential clients are ever ready to do a quick search via Google Maps in a bid to find a law firm or solicitors that is close to their locations. It is imperative for every law firm to be listed on Google Business Profile, so that they can always pop up on Google Maps whenever law related services are being searched.

  • It enables your law firm to show up in the Local 3-Pack

Years back, local search results from Google used to feature 7-pack, but the company has modified it to just 3-pack. Solicitors & Law Firms therefore need to invest in the best SEO strategies in a bid to be amongst those selected businesses that belong to the 3-pack. This is exactly where Google Business Profile comes in as its one of the best strategies for SEO. It is apparent that optimising your solicitors via Google Business Profile will enable it to show up on Google’s Local 3-Pack, and this will in turn boost the visibility of your solicitors. With Google Business Profile, organic clicks can actually increase by up to 700%.

  • It increases website traffic and sales

One of the best ways to stay ahead of your competitors is by driving traffic to the website of your law firm. However, this isn’t the easiest thing to do and many online businesses actually suffer from it. Fortunately, once you are listed on Google Business Profile, you can easily drive traffic to your website since it will be showing at the top of Google Searches. The truth is that when your law firm successfully ranks top on Google Business Profile, you can achieve a 70 and 50 percent increase in your firm and client base respectively.

  • It boosts trust

Generally, consumers tend to trust those businesses that usually pop up in local searches. This assertion can be explained by the fact that businesses that typically pop up after a local search are those that are in high demand and users are often convinced that where demand is high, the services are likely to be exceptional. That said, online users are as much as 2.7 times more likely to click on those businesses that show up at the top of their searches.

  • It gives your business more ratings

Clients typically have a tendency to rate or review all those businesses that appear at the top of Google Search. Of course, once you get positive and honest reviews from your clients, your law firm or solicitors will appear more credible and your clients will equally have trust in your services.

There are actually many more benefits of having a Google Business Profile listing and some of these benefits include;

  • More engagements through clicks, calls and website visits
  • Free advert from Google
  • Your law firm stands out from those of competitors
  • An increase in your potential clients since they can easily learn more about your business
  • A better ranking on SERPs
  • Your law firm easily gains insights into business



The process of setting up a Google Business Profile for your law firm or solicitors is easy and free!

Step 1: Visit the GBP page and navigate to the ‘Create’ section.

Step 2: Proceed by searching for your business name. Note that this step is quite crucial as it enables you to quickly obtain information that represents your business out there. By searching for your name, you can also find out if you had already set up a GBP page in the past and forgotten. Finally, this search will also help you determine whether or not someone else has claimed the name of your law firm.

Step 3: Once you are sure your business name hasn’t been listed by someone else, you should proceed by clicking on the ‘Add Your Business to Google’ link. That said, if you find out that the name of your law firm has been claimed by someone, you will be obliged to request ownership of the name from that person. The person is usually given a duration of 3 to 7 days to respond.

Step 4: Include the address of your law firm.

Step 5: Select the service your law firm offers. For instance, you could be offering Civil law, Family law, Business law, etc.

Step 6: Make sure to add the phone number and website URL of your law firm

Step 7: Select the verification option that is convenient for you. You can always verify later, but bear in mind that your listing will only be active when you verify.


  • Fill the business name of your law firm: Remember to fill out the actual name of your law firm correctly, with the right capitalisation. It isn’t necessary to use keywords when looking for a business name.
  • Choose the business category that suits your law firm: You should always use the drop down menu to search for the right industry when setting your GBP page. For a law firm, it goes without saying that the right category is ‘legal’. Nevertheless, if your law firm falls under several categories, you can choose one listed and add the others later.
  • Add the location of your law firm: Even though adding the location of your business to your GBP page is optional, it’s always a good idea to add the details of your location, especially if you do not mind receiving random clients.
  • Add the address of your law firm: It is always advisable to add the full address of your law firm on your Google Business Profile page. This makes it easier for your clients to easily find your law firm.
  • Review your possible listings: At this point, you basically have to confirm whether or not any of the existing locations identified by Google matches that of your law firm.
  • Indicate whether or not your law firm serves users outside the specified location

You need to confirm whether or not you serve your clients in another location, different from the one you listed. Of course, you must indicate if your law firm has offices in other parts of the country or city where they serve clients.

  • Add the contact information of your law firm: This is one of the crucial steps of creating a My Business Page. You are expected to include the contact information, including the phone number of your law firm in the GBP listing. Its also your choice to either include the website URL in the listing or you can decide to set up a free Google website that is based on your Google Business Profile listing.
  • Opt for recommendations and updates: You will also have to choose whether or not you would love to receive recommendations and updates from Google. If you opt to receive them, they will be sent directly into your email.
  • Finish the GBP set up and manage the listing: At this point, everything is set up, so all you need to do is to click on the ‘finish’ button and your law firm will have its GBP page.
  • Google Business Profile page verification: You can either verify the GBP page of your law firm instantly or later through an automated phone call. However, if you choose to verify it later, you would have to do so within four days. That said, as soon as the verification is done, you would be given access to your GBP dashboard.



Question: Is it possible to list more than a single location on your GBP listing

Answer: Absolutely! as long as you are capable of managing multiple businesses. That said, you can use Location Groups to manage multiple locations or alternatively create a folder for bulk listing.

Question: Why should you add Questions and Answers to GBP listings?

Answer: Adding Questions and Answers to your listing will make it more valuable. After all, people looking for solicitors and law firms will always have questions and concerns, so putting out these questions and answers out there will help keep both your existing and potential clients informed.

Question: Is it important to use labels in GBP?

Answer: Yes! Labels help you to easily organise your listing, by making it possible for you to conveniently handle multiple business locations from a single dashboard. Besides, labels also make searching for a specific location a lot simpler.

Question: How else is GBP useful?


  • It sets you apart from your competitors since it makes it possible for you to showcase the characteristics of your law firm.
  • It helps you maintain your business’ NAP consistency since you get to use the call-track numbers.

Question: How do you optimise your solicitors or law firm’s listing?


  • By making great use of location based keywords and also following Google’s keywords
  • By sharing those web pages that have been optimised.
  • By highlighting or featuring products on your solicitor’s or law firm’s
  • By adding accurate photos with the right dimensions.


The importance of GBP to any business can never be overemphasised as it boosts both your clientele and profits.



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