Key Google Business Profile Updates: Important Points Business Owners & Marketeers Will Want to Take Note Of

Google Business Profile Dashboard Updates

Many things have changed throughout 2022, and your Google Business Profile (GBP) isn’t an exception. If it has been a while since you last logged in, you may be surprised to see how much has changed after a few key operational shifts. 

After listening to feedback from business owners, one of the biggest adjustments is how Google is adopting a new friendlier interface, which makes it infinitely easier for business owners to update their Google Business settings and listings. 

Google Business Profile Updates Overview

Before the Autumn 2022 GBP updates, business owners were required to make updates by using a separate management page to make the appropriate edits to their Google Business Page. After the updates, once logged in with the correct email address on Google, business owners can use the Google Search bar to search for their business and quickly make amendments or updates. 

In just a few clicks, bookings can be made, photos can be uploaded, reviews can be read, and opening hours can be adjusted. The only thing in life and business that is certain is change, and now Google has made it easier for business owners to move with the times. Most of the common profile editing options will appear in full view; to view all of them, click on the down arrow, which will fully expand the menu and reveal all of the options. 

New & Advanced GBP Features and Adjustments 

  • Editing, Adding & Removing Access – If you can’t see the options you need to adjust your business profile on the main menu, you can view the advanced features by clicking on the three dots which appear at the top of the navigation menu, just above the ‘advertise’ button. After the Autumn 2022 updates, this is the only way to edit, add, and remove access for business managers. 
  • GBP Settings – Your Business Profile Settings can be accessed by clicking on the same three dots. Under this tab, you can view your profile and ID number, manage store codes and labels, manage any linked accounts, and transfer ownership of business profiles. 
  • Appointment Links – If you’ve got lost looking for your appointment links, look under ‘Bookings’. Under the Bookings tab, you will find the ‘Links to your Online Booking Tools’ option. Once you have found your Online Booking Tools, you can enter your URL to help your clients book appointments directly through your Google Business page. If you are not already set up with a booking link via your website, partner with a 3rd party provider, then click bookings and hit the featured book button. 

Other Key Things to Take Away from the Autumn 2022 Google Business Profile Updates

  1. Even though the process of editing your Google Business Profile and keeping it up to date has changed drastically, not much has changed as there are no new shiny features to take note of, nor are there any features you will have to learn how to live without. Instead, the same tools are now just found on Google itself, rather than on the business management page. If you are struggling with the new updates and need additional support with the new dashboard, don’t hesitate to your online listings manager or Google Support; they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.
  2. As much as you may want to revert to the way things were before, editing your business page through Google itself is the new normal. It will take some getting used to, but at least the legacy features you know and love are still active – for now. By the time the next GBP report rolls around, it is likely that some of those legacy features will have faded away.
  3. To make getting used to significant changes to Google even harder, it is fairly common for glitches and technical bugs to pop up around launches and updates compared to when it is business as usual. Glitches should still be uncommon, but if something should happen that isn’t easily repairable, your listing management specialist or Google Support services will be happy to run you through how to get up and running again.
  4. Google recommends that GBP users get acquainted with the new changes – even if there are no updates to make for the time being. That way, should something need changing in a hurry, you will be comfortable making the updates on the new browser-based interface.

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