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Is it a true competition? Discover how Localise outshines and why it’s the top choice for car dealerships

You’re undoubtedly aware of the pivotal role your car dealership’s online reputation plays in driving your business success. It’s likely why you’re here, seeking the ideal reputation management solution that aligns perfectly with your unique business requirements. Well, you’re in the right place. Reputation Management is a critical investment for car dealerships and Localise Reputation offers unparalleled advantages over the software. Here’s why it’s the top choice for car dealerships:

100% Tailored to Automotive

Unlike, we specialise exclusively in the automotive industry. This means that every aspect of our software is tailored to meet the specific needs of car dealerships. Whether it’s sales or service, our focused approach ensures that dealerships receive the most relevant and effective tools for the Automotive industry.

More Automotive Sites Monitored

With over 80+ automotive review sites monitored, Localise Reputation offers broader capabilities. This extensive monitoring provides dealerships with a more comprehensive overview of their online presence, helping them stay ahead of the competition and respond promptly to customer feedback from within the dashboard.

Customisable Website Widgets

Our software includes a suite of widgets that can be integrated seamlessly into dealership websites. These widgets can be customised to display reviews, ratings or both, adding credibility and trust to the dealership’s online presence. Reviews can also be cherry-picked to avoid showing comments that dealerships would rather not show. The ease of integration and customisation makes these widgets invaluable for adhering to brand guidelines and engaging with potential customers.

Greater Flexibility Over Review Landing Pages

At Localise, we understand that vehicle manufacturers often have strict brand guidelines. That’s why our reputation software provides dealerships with enhanced control over review landing pages, enabling them to tailor these pages to align more closely with their branding while meeting manufacturer standards. 

Push Reviews for Various Departments

Our software’s ability to push reviews across sales, service, and recruitment departments ensures comprehensive coverage, improving overall reputation and attracting a broader customer and talent base.

Budget-Friendly with Reduced Fees

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Localise Reputation is the cost savings. Offering reduced fees compared to, our software provides a high-quality reputation management solution at a more affordable price. From just £35 per month (per location), this makes Localise Reputation an appealing choice for dealerships of all sizes.

Our Own Reputation Matters

At Localise Reputation, we are committed to maintaining our own reputation as a leading provider in the industry. This commitment reflects our deep understanding of the importance of reputation in the automotive sector. By prioritising our reputation, we offer a level of trust and excellence to our clients, mirroring the standards we help them achieve.

Embrace Localise Reputation 

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Thanks for showing me where I can see those stats. That's handy. A brilliant result. I have been noticing a lot more reviews coming through recently. Very happy with all new efforts to push our reviews. Thank you

Alexa Broyd - Dinnages

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