The Ultimate Guide for Car Dealer Reputation Management

Car Dealer Reputation Management

According to current data, 88% of shoppers say online evaluations influence their decision to choose and visit local companies. In addition, 83% of consumers believe that customer evaluations must be timely and relevant for them to be meaningful. So, what does this signify for Car Dealer Reputation Management? And, more significantly, what should car dealerships do to sustainably manage their internet reputation?

Your Online Reputation is Non-Negotiable

If you’re like most businesses, you start with a terrible reputation—only a few reviews, some of which are nasty evaluations left by the occasional angry client. You know you have a lot of satisfied, loyal clients, but how do you get your internet reputation to match the level of service you provide?

In this post, we’ll go over a few different approaches to Car Dealer Reputation Management so that potential customers get the best initial impression of your company.

What is Online Reputation Management for Car Dealerships?

At a glance, your online reputation represents your dealership. When potential customers search for you, what do they see? It is usually a combination of your social media presence, the quality of your website, where you appear in local Google searches, and more direct factors such as the amount and star rating of your reviews. All of these elements indicate the attention your dealership takes to provide a good customer experience.

When you initially start, it may appear daunting—perhaps your social media is out of date, and you’re concerned about a few unfavourable reviews. A negative review, on the other hand, should not be feared. If you approach the problem strategically, you will receive a large number of good reviews, and your internet reputation will be a far more accurate and trustworthy depiction of your dealership.

Car Dealer Reputation Management
Car Dealer Reputation Management

Your Dealership’s Online Reputation Reflects Actual Customer Experiences

The first thing you should do is something you’re probably already doing: provide an excellent client experience. If all you get are bad reviews, it’s time to do some introspection to figure out how to enhance the experience for your clients.

85% of individuals believe that employee attitude and interactions are the most important reasons for leaving a negative—or positive—review. Your internet reviews will frequently represent the real experience people have with your team, rather than the services or products you offer. This is true in any business, not just automotive, although you may be starting at a disadvantage because many people have a negative perception of vehicle dealers. Thinking like a consumer will help you discover where your store can improve to improve the customer experience.

Establish Your Online Presence With These Automotive Listings

Your online reputation is the image your online presence sends to potential clients, so you must have an online presence. Everywhere your clients may be looking for a dealership, make that location a part of your online reputation plan.

Every review site is unique, but here are some general guidelines to get you started:

  • Ensure sure you have a Google My Business profile and that your listing has been claimed.
  • Edit your Facebook page with current hours and other information that purchasers will find useful.
  • Make sure users are aware of your presence; this indicates that your content is current and relevant.
  • Don’t make your listings feel like a ghost town, because your leads have a plethora of alternative options.

Car Dealer Reputation Management = Review Management

Your automobile internet reputation is most directly apparent in the quality and quantity of your online reviews, rather than simply having a presence on these review sites. A method for obtaining and retaining frequent, relevant reviews must be part of your local marketing strategy. If you’ve ever asked someone to write a review, you know how difficult it is. Yet, there are some excellent automobile reputation management strategies and solutions available to help you.

When looking for a new dealership, your potential customer will be looking for a few things.

  • They’ll be reading reviews to see if your dealership is reliable.
  • If your employees are pleasant.
  • If you were able to persuade customers that they got a fair deal.
  • If you meet these expectations, your evaluations will start to reflect reality.


Are you ready to elevate your Car Dealer Reputation Management? Our team can assist you in dealing with unfavourable reviews, responding to comments, and maintaining a positive image for your dealership. Don’t allow bad feedback to harm your brand. Allow us to assist you in increasing customer satisfaction and growing your business. To learn more about our Car Dealer Reputation Management services, please contact us immediately!

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