How Online Reviews & Local SEO Services Impact Your Brand

Online Reviews & Local SEO Services

In today’s digital age, online reviews have become an essential component of local businesses’ marketing strategies. With more and more consumers relying on online reviews to make purchasing decisions, businesses need to understand the impact that these reviews have on their local SEO services.

In this blog post, we will discuss how online reviews can impact your local online visibility with special emphasis on Google My Business management. We will also provide some tips on how to strategically respond to reviews to ensure a positive impact on your business.

Google My Business Management

Google My Business is an effort by Google for brands to get more visibility. Search Engine Optimization is tough and not every brand can crack the code to ranking in the top 10 pages. This is the reason Google My Business Management exists.

Google My Business Management includes creating a profile for the brand. It is a way of the world to know that the ownership of the brand goes to you as a business owner and that the brand is a legit one. In short, for brands to list themselves on Google – Google My Business Management is a must.

Once a profile is created, the management part of it is fairly easy. The profile collects and lists out all the data that is related to the brand like photos, reviews, questions, FAQs, etc. in short, it’s a local SEO service method for customers to give their opinion on a brand and its services while the brand can gain credibility.

Google My Business Management is the tool that we at Localise use to ensure that brands are ahead of the industry they are catering to. Through our deep understanding of Google and search engine algorithms, we can utilize the full potential of SERPs to enhance local SEO services.

Online Reviews & Business Visibility

First and foremost, online reviews can significantly impact local SEO and business rankings. Search engines like Google take the quantity, quality, and relevance of reviews into account when determining where to rank a business in search results. For instance, a business with a high number of positive reviews is more likely to rank higher than a business with few or negative reviews.

Similar to positive reviews, negative reviews decrease the ranking and visibility of your website and brand. Negative reviews can also deter customers from visiting your physical location, resulting in decreased foot traffic and sales.

Online Reviews & Local SEO Services
Online Reviews & Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services: Responding to Reviews

With so many factors that affect the ranking and growth of a business left to Google My Business Management, a brand should focus on optimizing its reviews and have a strategy in place. As mentioned above, brand visibility is directly based on the quality and quantity of reviews. Of course, there are other local SEO services parameters like pictures and brand engagement, but reviews are the highlight.

We at Localise, present a short guide on how to respond to Google My Business reviews:

  • Respond promptly:
    It’s important to respond to reviews promptly, preferably within 24-48 hours. Brands that respond promptly have a better reputation and brand credibility with customers. It is also a way a brand showcases its commitment to the customer and their value. Prompt responses are mostly preferred among customers.
  • Be professional:
    When responding to reviews, always be polite and professional, even if the review is negative. A response to a customer on Google My Business is a response to the internet. Other customers are most likely to see the response and make opinions of a brand. So, always be polite and professional.
  • Address the reviewer by name:
    A personal touch to a review or a query goes a long way. Addressing a customer by their name is a way in which brands make sure that they don’t behave like bots. For customers, this shows that you are taking their feedback seriously and that you value their business.
  • Thank the reviewer for their feedback:
    A tactic that most brands have incorporated – thanking the customer. Whether the review is positive or negative, thanking the customer for their feedback is a great way to kickstart a conversation. This shows that a brand is listening and appreciative of the input given by customers.
  • Address all the content in the review:
    When a customer takes out their time to write a review for the brand they are looking to share their experience of the brand and to spread the word. As a brand, it is imperative to go through the content shared by a customer. Tailored and informative responses should be drafted for the same. This shows customers’ proactiveness and commitment to resolving any problems.
  • Highlight any positive aspects:
    If the review is positive, highlight the aspects that the reviewer appreciated. This shows that you are proud of your business and that you value positive feedback. Customers also appreciate how brands engage with customers.

Local SEO Services for Car Dealerships

Local SEO services are most popular for businesses whose functionality depends on customers who stay near the business. The theory is to improve that brand’s visibility is directly proprotional to foot traffic. Among all the businesses, a car dealer’s reputation gets most affected by this type of strategy.

To Sum Up,

Proper Google My Business management, is probable for businesses to skyrocket to the next level. We at Localise are experts in building online support through Google My Business management. Get in touch with us on our website to know more!

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