Video Verification for Google Business Profile: Best Practice Guide

Learn how to verify your car dealerships Google Business Profile using the video method

Why should I verify my car dealerships Google Business Profile?

Video verification for Google Business Profile can be a frustrating job. (Thanks, Google)But it is a must.

We cannot stress how important it is to get your profile verified. In fact, 5.9 million Google searches happen every minute and 46% of those searches are for local businesses. This means that consumers are seeking instant and accurate information on their local area. Google Business Profiles (GBP’s) provides them with just that.

Within local search results, the algorithm uses three main qualifiers for ranking GBP’s:

Proximity—how close your business is to the user

Prominence—how popular your business is

Relevance—how closely matched your business is to the search query

However, the algorithm will also prioritise businesses which have a verified and fully optimised profile and are more likely to appear in Google’s Local 3-Pack. (the top three local business listings that appear at the very top of Google search results)

Verification is like a trust badge for your listing. It assures customers that your business details are accurate and provided by the dealership themselves. Not only will verifying your profile gain you more website traffic and footfall, but it will also allow you to respond to those crucial reviews, see your valuable GBP insights and upload images and information showcasing your dealership.

Studies also show that car dealerships lead the way when it comes to Google Business Profiles. So, it’s likely that the competition has already verified their account and reaping the rewards. So, what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re verifying your profile for the first time or you’re having to re-verify due to updates, follow our guide to increase your chances of being successful the first time around.


Introducing video verification for Google Business Profile

Traditionally, the most common way to verify your Google business profile was using the Postcard method. This method consists of Google sending a postcard to your business premises within 14 working days containing a unique pin for you to enter within your account. Google no longer favours this method and often requires a video verification instead. Once you’ve mastered the video requirements, this is a much quicker process and only takes up to five working days for Google to approve.  There are two types of video verification:

Live video call – A live video call with a Google representative via a mobile device.  

Video recording – A continuous pre-recorded video which can be uploaded via your account.

Google Business Profile Video Verification

How Does Video Verification Work?


  • STEP 2 – Access Your Google My Business Dashboard: Log in to your Google My Business account and navigate to the “Verification” section.  This is best completed on the Google Maps App


  • STEP 3Choose Video Verification: Select the option for video verification (live or pre-recorded) and follow the prompts. Note – If you started the verification process on a computer, scan the QR code to begin where you left off using a mobile device.


  • STEP 4 – Record Your Video: Using your mobile, capture one continuous (but brief) video of your dealership’s exterior and interior. Within the video you must:


Prove your business exists – Include a clear shot of your dealership’s exterior and its physical signage. Make sure you show the inside of the business or showroom and a few branded materials along the way. (Branded company car, business cards or marketing materials etc)

Prove your geographical location and address – Include a quick shot of the street and street name sign if possible, along with neighbouring businesses.  As proof of address, you could show a recent utility bill, bank statement or office rental agreement etc. (Remember not to show any sensitive info)

Prove Ownership – Include a shot of you as the manager or owner, unlocking the premises.

Prove that the business is legitimate – Show a clip of your stock on your forecourt. Logging into your dealerships DMS system will also help Google to determine that your business is legit.


  • STEP 5 – Await Verification: Google will review your video submission to ensure it meets their verification criteria within 5 working days. Once approved, your Google Business Profile will be verified, and you’ll gain access to additional features and benefits.

Top tips for success

Don’t show faces. If your video includes faces, Google will reject it. A hard feat when you have customers and staff wandering around. Also, who wants to get interrupted 1000 times when trying to shoot the video? For this reason, we recommend shooting the video out-of-hours.

Keep it consistentAny documents you show in the video with your address and business details on needs to match your own website, your GBP and physical signage.

Don’t include sensitive info – When showing documents with your address, be careful not to show bank account numbers, tax or identification numbers, or any other private information.

Do a practise run – Before logging into GBP manager to shoot the video, why not shoot a video on your camera roll to begin with so that you know exactly how long the video will take and what the plan of action is?

Keep it short – Google states that the video should be under 5 minutes long. However, in our experience videos of that length get rejected. So, try and keep the video to under 2 minutes long for the best chance of success.

Reduce file size – If you’re still not getting a successful upload, try reducing your video file size!


Google automatically decides what method they would like you to use depending on your business type. We have found that when it comes to dealerships, Google prefers the video method.

Your video will be rejected if it’s too long. Ensure your video is under 2 minutes and reduce the file size for for the best chance of success. Your video might have also been rejected for other reasons such as having faces or sensitive information showing. Make sure you read the requirements carefully and try again. It’s a case of trial and error, but it’s worth it in the long run – trust us!

Upon submitting your video, Google will review it and decide within 5 working days. In the meantime, within your account, your profile may show as ‘pending’.

If your account is verified, you should receive a notification email from Google and also have a little blue badge with the text ‘Verified’ next to your profile.

If you’ve already tried verifying your account via video without any success, the next step is to contact Google support. They may offer you an alternative verification method. Or if you simply don’t have the capacity right now, we can help. Take a look at our Google Business Profile help services.

Make sure you fully optimise your profile with up-to-date business information, opening hours and plenty of images. You should also post regular updates/ offers and respond to reviews to further boost your local search strategy. Remember to make full use of your GBP insights too!   

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